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Functions of this committee are;

• Develop five (5) year strategic plan in line with HSSP V of the GoT

• Develop Society Financial regulations

• Work with Excom to prepare annual action plans and budgets

• Review and approval all financial reports before they are shared either at the AGM or to externals

• Innovate more payment methods like “lipa pesa”

• Develop and organize fund raising activities

• Collaborate with “Education, Research and Publications

• Committee” to solicit funds for carrying out research activities

• Assist the Treasurer in ensuring membership and subscription fees and other financial and non-financial resources are collected, properly managed and audited

• Ensure proper utilization of both financial and non-financial resources.

• Advise the EXCOM about new committees to be formulated that will help the Society

• Lead other committees to formulate and organize Tanzania Pharmaceuticals Summit/Exhibitions and East Africa Pharmaceuticals Summit/Exhibitions

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