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Functions of this committee are;

Define and regularly review the various categories of awards to ensure they are relevant and comprehensive.

Create clear and objective criteria for each award category, outlining the qualifications and achievements

   required for nominees.

Promote the awards and the nomination process to ensure widespread awareness and participation.

Actively seek nominations from a broad range of sources to ensure diversity and inclusivity in the

   nomination pool.

Establish procedures for the initial screening of nominations to ensure they meet the criteria and

   then conduct a detailed review to shortlist candidates.

Implement a fair and transparent process for selecting the final awardees from the shortlisted candidates,

   possibly including interviews or additional assessments.

Plan and execute award ceremonies or events to honor the recipients, ensuring the events are well-organized

   and appropriately highlight the achievements of the awardees.

Keep detailed records of nominations, selections, and award recipients to ensure historical accuracy and transparency.

Regularly evaluate and refine the award nomination and selection processes to enhance fairness, transparency, and effectiveness.

Address any inquiries or appeals regarding the nomination and selection process in a timely and fair manner.

Work with other relevant committees or organizations to align the award process with broader organizational goals and standards.

Provide regular reports on the committee's activities, including the nomination and selection process, to relevant stakeholders.

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