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Functions of this committee are;

• Develop membership numbers for each member

• Formulate each member society email

• Creat bulk emails account and Bulk messages

• Make ID cards for all members

• Promote and mobilize new members based on the categories of memberships

• Update and maintain membership database

• Follow up members status and ensure all are active members

• Identify and address member concerns both professional and work related

• Innovative strategies to retain the members

• Ensure that Branches are established and well-coordinated

• Evaluate performance of Branches and advise the Excom

• Establish/Plan and execute media tour

• Develop short PST promotional messages both posters and videos

• Activate and/or start PST social media accounts

• Collaborate with IT Solutions committee to activate and update PST website

• Prepare a comprehensive communications program that

• will keep both members and non-members aware of the objectives, functions and benefits of the Society

• Advice and assist the President in managing internal and external communications

• Ensure that the Society website and Internet Communication group is established/reviewed and maintained as a way of enhancing communication among members

• Coordinate social welfare functions and activities

• Organize Pharmacy Day Celebrations

• Advise on society logo changes

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