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    Dear cordial members of PST and fellow pharmacist, I wish to inform you that, the 50th PST Scientific Conference and AGM shall be held from 10th to 11th of November 2017 in Dodoma, Tanzania. Taking a journey of more than 50 years since PST established, we will learn and understand how the pharmacy profession and

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    Since Penicillin was discovered in 1928, life-saving antimicrobials have revolutionalise our society and economy. Previously deadly diseases have become routine ailments, requiring little more than a brief treatment. these achievements are now at risk mainly because of the excessive or inappropriate use of antimicrobials, which has led to the increasing emergence and spread of multi-resistance

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    Tanzania National Pharmacy Week, officially was launched in June 2012, by the minister of Health by then Honorable Hussein Mwinyi, in Dar Es Salaam. This event is then commemorated every year, with different themes as may be determined by the Pharmacy professionals, this year, we all “Go Green through Pharmacist”. Different health related problems, including

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