It is my pleasure on behalf of the Pharmaceutical Society of Tanzania to welcome you to our website. It is my hope that our website creates an opportunity for our valued visitors around the world to learn more about our operations and services. 


This website is specially designed to describe our activities, to communicate with all our stakeholders as well as to provide pharmacy services to the community. This is a great platform for every citizen to get technical information about the proper use of drugs as well as expert advice in such area.

Our main task is to protect the community and to provide it with proper guidance in all matters relating to medicine and the proper use of drug. So I call on my fellow experts to serve the community effectively and to build good relationships between you and the community around you so as to ensure that we have a safe and progressive society in the area of ​​Health in general.

PST accepts pharmacists, pharmaceutical technicians and assistants and other cadre who are involved in dispensing medicines. Registration is free via our database. 

It will be my pleasure to see our fellow experts come together and strengthen our society. It is important as health stakeholders to be united to ensure that this pharmacy profession moves forward.

Our website has resources that will be important to you and that our website will remain the ideal source of updated information.

Thank you for visiting our website and we welcome you very much. We will also be happy to get your feedback on the appearance of our website. Thank you very much

Fadhili Hezekia

PST President, 2021 - 2024

Tarehe 16/06/2022 kutakuwana uzinduzi wa utaratibu wa CPD Tanzania Bara, Ukumbi utakuwa ONOMO HOTEL Dar es saalam. Idadi ya washirikini 100

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