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Elected leaders, 2021 - 2024

Expertise is not like a wooded area with no builders, it is a life-saving process that relies on strong leaders.


President's Notes


On behalf of PST, I would like to welcome all stakeholders of the Scientific Conference and AGM 2022, pay for this meeting, and attend the relevant day, (23rd - 25th November 2022). Follow the below video that guides you on how to register. Remember Participation fee is  50,000 TSh for Pharmacists and Intern Pharmacists, 30,000 TSh for Pharmaceutical Technicians, Assistants, and Pharmaceutical Students, and 50,000 TSh for Non-pharmaceutical professionals.

Habari na Matukio (Local News)

PST Day.jpg

Imewekwa Tarehe 28/09/2022 

Chanzo: Mwandishi wetu

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