It is with great honor that I welcome all pharmacists and other interested individuals and organizations to this great website of Pharmaceutical Society of Tanzania (PST).

Pharmaceutical Society of Tanzania (PST) has been in existence since Jan 30, 1967 just six years after the independence of the Republic of Tanganyika by then – before it became United Republic of Tanzania –under Societies Act CAP 337 with Registration number 5162.

By then it had a mandate to ensure pharmacists participate fully in health deliveries and ensuring right information on proper usage of medicines and medical supplies to the citizen at large.  It’s one of the oldest professional bodies in our country – which reflects on its journey since its establishment.

My Presidency focus is The Society to be “Think Tank” to the Government on all issues related to medicines and medical supplies, advice on creating favorable environment for Domestic Pharmaceutical industries to flourish which will ultimately benefit the country through quality medicines which are affordable and accessible in big percentage.

Our strives are; more pharmacists to be active members to the Society and participate to professional matters, participate actively in industrialization focusing on Pharmaceutical industries in the country, be expertise to all areas of work, whether Hospitals, Community Pharmacy, Regulatory Authority, Academic , NGO, Supply Chain Management, Research, Pharmaceutical Industries, etc. through Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

It is my humble request to all Pharmacists in this country to work together in contributing to the Society morally and financially, and through them we will strategize together, embracing them. With this the Society will bring difference not only to the Professional but most importantly to the citizen as health of our people cannot be compromised at any cost.

Pharmacists have a large share to ensure access of quality and affordable medicines. Let us play our role effectively.  Lets focus on leaving legacy to new generations and this is only possible if we work tirelessly and through team work. That is the only way to bring positive Change.

Let us work together, PST is for us – me and you – its for all of us. As a President of the Society my hand has been extended to you. I stand with you.


Asanteni Sana.

Issa. S.Hango

PST-President (2017-2020)

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