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The pharmaceutical Society of Tanzania (PST) is the National professional body of Pharmacists, pharmaceutical technicians and pharmaceutical assistants. We have been in existence since 30 January 1967 with only 8 members.  We are engaged in different facets of the profession of pharmacy and public health but also we are very committed to promote the highest professional ethical standards of pharmacy.

In many ways PST have proven to become competent healthcare providers; obliged to sensitize the community, government and others on vital professional issues towards enhanced pharmaceutical services and care in all aspects.

Know Us

To be a strong and vibrant Society responsible for forecasting, safeguarding and promoting interests of the pharmacy profession towards provision of quality pharmaceutical services and care.

  • The society is committed to utilize all means at its disposal and within its jurisdiction to advocate and promote amongst its members utilization of their potentials in provision of equitable access to safe, effective and quality pharmaceutical and medical supplies, with competency and professionalism in order to advance health and well being of the population.
  • The society will promote constructive professional and social interaction of its members and other health professionals in order to share and advance knowledge.
  • Trustworthy

    We are trusted society of professionals internationally

  • Focus

    We focus on promoting the pharmacy profession

  • Innovation

    We deploy innovative and result-based programs through public-private partnerships

  • Coverage

    We are present In each region of Tanzania

From the Blog

    • APRIL 13, 2016
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    Zinc/ORS and Amoxicillin 250mg DT

    According to the standard treatment guidelines ZINC/ORS is used for Diarrhoea treatment and AMOXICILIN for Pneumonia treatment. The current situation: Tanzania has made considerable progress in the reduction of child mortality. Despite the progress, diarrhoea and pneumonia continue to rank among the three leading causes of under five deaths. According to the Ministry of Health

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    • SEPTEMBER 4, 2017
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    Dear cordial members of PST and fellow pharmacist, I wish to inform you that, the 50th PST Scientific Conference and AGM shall be held from 10th to 11th of November 2017 in Dodoma, Tanzania. Taking a journey of more than 50 years since PST established, we will learn and understand how the pharmacy profession and

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    • MAY 21, 2015
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    Tanzania is rapidly losing its pharmaceutical production capability, and therefore its ability to supply one of its population’s basic needs. The loss undermines Tanzania’s medium-term security of supply of essential medicines. It threatens cumulative industrial and employment decline in one of Tanzania’s few higher-skill sectors and in local suppliers, including plastics and packaging. Furthermore, it

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    • MAY 15, 2017
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    Tanzania National Pharmacy Week, officially was launched in June 2012, by the minister of Health by then Honorable Hussein Mwinyi, in Dar Es Salaam. This event is then commemorated every year, with different themes as may be determined by the Pharmacy professionals, this year, we all “Go Green through Pharmacist”. Different health related problems, including

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Our Objectives

    1. To protect, defend, maintain and promote the honor, the rights, the privileges and interests of the pharmacy profession.
    2. To assist members, whenever possible and when deemed necessary, who by reason of adversity are in need of help.
    3. To maintain, safeguard, honor and uphold the professional conduct and code of ethics, as developed by the pharmacy council, and enforce their application by all members for the dignity of the profession.
    4. To identify and point out to the respective authorities, organizations or individuals, if and when, in any way the dignity and professional image of pharmacy is being compromised.
    5. To promote, support or oppose legislation or other measures affecting the interest of the pharmacy profession whether in parliament, local councils or elsewhere.
    6. To ensure high standard of pharmaceutical education and practice through continuing Education for the furtherance of the pharmaceutical and allied health sciences.
    7. To collaborate or foster linkage with pharmacy training institutions in order to improve the quality of education.
    8. To facilitate, promote and support research in health and pharmaceutical sciences and services.
    9. To promote the role of pharmacists as integral members of the health care teams in order to allow full utilization of pharmaceutical knowledge to promote rational pharmaceutical management.
    10. To arrange and hold periodic meetings of the Society for professional, educational and social purposes.
    11. To disseminate such information as may be thought necessary by means of journals, bulletins, public media, electronic means or any other method for the fulfillment of these objectives and matters affecting the interests of pharmacy profession.
    12. To collaborate with societies, organizations and allied professionals of similar interests in Tanzania and other countries, in ensuring high standard of pharmaceutical education.
    13. To foster a close relationship with other health professionals, agencies and associations.
    14. To work closely with the government and other enforcing agencies to foster a high standard of control over the quality of locally manufactured and imported medicines and other pharmaceutical products in order to ensure provision of good pharmaceutical services.
    15. To promote and support initiatives geared towards ensuring equity to the access of essential medicines to the underserved areas in the country, without subjecting the pharmacy profession into jeopardy or disrepute.
    16. To do all other things and to pursue and undertake such activities that are incidental or conducive to the attainment of all foregoing objectives.

Quote of the Day

For all of life's discontents, according to the pharmaceutical industry, there is a drug and you should take it. Then for the side effects of that drug, then there's another drug, and so on. So we're all taking more drugs, and more expensive drugs

— Marcia Angell

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