2018 Scientific Conference & Annual General Meeting

The pharmaceutical society of Tanzania – Executive Committee had appointed the following to form the Organizing Committee of PST – Scientific Conference and Annual General meeting 2018.

S/No. Name Position
1. Mrs. Zarina S. Madabida Chairperson
2. Mr. Henry B. Tandau Secretary
3. Mr. Christopher Msemo Member
4. Mr. Naiman P. Msangi Member
5. Mr. William P. Mfuko Member
6. Mrs. Lucy Nderimo Member
7. Mr. Mosses Masuki Member


The Scientific Conference Organizing Committee, has already met three times to discuss, plan and kickstart the process of organizing a Conference worth the status of Pharmacy Professionals, activities involved:

  1. Setting Dates for the Conference
  2. Identifying and booking a conference venue
  3. Agreeing on the conference format
  4. Setting the Conference themes
  5. Opening a bank account for the conference
  6. Setting conference registration fees
  7. Appointing Abstract Sub-Committee and calling for abstracts
  8. Guest of honour for the Opening and Closing of the Conference


1. Dates for the Conference:

The conference has been set for 26th and 27th November, 2018 at the Julius Nyerere International Convention Centre, in Dar-Es-Salaam.

2. Conference Format:

Recognizing the diversity of the pharmacy Profession, the conference has been set to cater for the multiple sectors within the profession, providing a platform for learning and networking, it shall showcase practice excellence across core science and clinical areas, and the multiple pharmacy sectors throughout all career stages.

The conference will be a platform for the leaders and influencers across the pharmacy profession to network, learn, influence and inspire.

Further recognizing that Pharmacy sectors range from Academia, Regulatory, Industry, Consultancy, Hospital and Clinical, Community, Retail as well as Wholesale, Biotech, Government and private, this year’s conference will be a unique opportunity to reach a concentrated gathering of the pharmacy industry professionals, leaders and future leaders.

Having considered the above, the Conference organizing Committee has set the conference in such a way that, there will be both general interest topic sessions as well as sector specific breakout sessions.

The breakout sessions will run parallel to each other, affording participants to attend sessions of their interest and choice. This will allow for more topics to be covered within the time available.

Four breakout halls have been planned, covering Community Pharmacy Practice, Industrial Pharmacy, Hospital and Clinical, and academia. Whereas the area of Regulatory Pharmacy will be covered as general topic to be attended by all participants in the main hall.

The conference has been approved by the Pharmacy Council as Continuing Professional Development (CPD) session, thus earning the attendees CPD points, both from the general topics and the specialty topics.

NB. Please indicate your specialty interest when registering.

An exhibition by different dealers of pharmaceutical and allied products is being organized alongside the conference.

3. Theme of the Conference:

Main Theme:
“Solving problems of availability of medicines in Tanzania for National economic Development”


  • The Pharmacy Industry in Tanzania: The missing Link.
  • Harnessing Opportunities in Pharmacy for Economic Development
  • Pharmaceutical Interventions in Healthcare and its impact on National Economy.
  • New Avenues for the Pharmacy Profession in Tanzania.
  • Pharmacy Profession and its contribution to National Economic Development
  • Both oral and Poster presentation are welcomed.


4. Bank Account:

A bank account has been duly opened at NMB – Oyster Plaza Premier Dar-Es-Salaam
ACCOUNT NUMBER 23910001642

Please make payments through the bank, scan the deposit slip and email it to pstconference2018@gmail.com

5. Registration Fees:

Registration fees have been set as follows:

A. Pharmacists:
i. Early bird registration: Tshs. 175,000.00 should be paid by 25th October 2018
ii. Sundown: 26th October to 15th November 2018 = Tshs. 250,000.00

B. Interns, Students and Pharmaceutical Technicians, Assistants & Dispensers:
iii. Early bird registration: Tshs. 100,000.00 should be paid by 25th October 2018
iv. Sundown: From 26th October 2018 to 15th November 2018 = Tshs. 150,000.00

C. Non-Pharmaceutical Personnel:
v. Early bird registration: Tshs. 175,000.00 should be paid by 25th October 2018
vi. Sundown: From 26th October 2018 to 15th November 2018 = Tshs. 250,000.00

In order to have a professionally organized conference, registration will close on 16th November 2018, so as to facilitate accreditation to specialised sessions, and other logistics.
Pharmacists are urged to take advantage of the early bird registration which ends on 15th October, 2018.

D. Letter of Permission from employers:

Once you have registered and sent in your confirmation through Bank slip, a letter permission for you will be written. There will be no blanket letter for permission.

6. Abstract Committee:

The Committee appointed Prof. E. Kaale to Chair the Abstracts Committee. He will be assisted by three other members whose names will be communicated to all shortly.
Please send your abstracts to: pstconference2018@gmail.com

7. Guest of Honour Opening Ceremony

We are currently in touch with a high level Government Official to grace the opening of the conference, when all is finalized, the name and position will be communicated to you.

8. Final points:

The Committee wishes to express its gratitude to the Registrar Pharmacy Council for the big support so far accorded and the promise to work closely with the Committee for the success of the Conference and for agreeing to recognize the conference as a multiple CPD points earning activity.
We also wish to acknowledge the Acting DG. TFDA for her promised support to the success of the conference.

Henry B. Tandau,

Secretary to the Scientific Conference Organizing Committee.

You may register online for the 2018 Scientific Conference & Annual General Meeting by clicking here

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